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Blake Starnes

Blake is a consultant specializing in industrial engineering solutions. With his focus on innovation and efficiency, he offers expert insights, strategies, and advice to streamline industrial processes and optimize operational excellence, making him a go-to resource for industry professionals.

Boost operational efficiency

Analyze your processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement strategies to optimize workflow, reduce waste, and increase productivity.


Streamline processes, improve resource allocation, and identifying cost-saving opportunities to minimize expenses and enhance your bottom line.

Process automation and technology integration

Our consultant will identify opportunities for process automation, robotics, and technology integration to streamline operations, reduce errors, and increase throughput.

Inventory control and re-slotting

Imagine a warehouse where every item is in its ideal location, easily accessible for your staff. Orders are fulfilled faster, errors are reduced, and customer satisfaction soars.

WMS and LMS integration

Picture a warehouse where your team works in perfect harmony, guided by a comprehensive system that maximizes their potential. With streamlined processes, optimized labor allocation, and real-time performance insights, you’ll witness a significant increase in efficiency, order accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Capital equipment installation and facility layout

Are you facing challenges with inefficient facility layout, wasted space, or outdated infrastructure? We offer tailored solutions that will transform your facility into a well-optimized, productive environment.

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